Company Quick Facts

Friday15 November 2019

Quick Facts

●   Original inventor of the 'tear-drop' concept.

●   The only manufacturer to engineer and produce carbon fabrics and paddles.

●   World's first and only mechanical energy paddle. 

●   More than 300 years of combined engineering experience, including aerospace, advanced composite materials science,      biomechanics and kinetics, chemical, electrical, mechanical and computer systems engineering

●   Built to suit different styles, techniques and physical characteristics of each paddler. 

●   First to develop and produce paddles specifically designed for children and youth.

●   First and only manufacturer to develop and use proprietary UV epoxy gelcoat.

●   Designer, developer and producer of the largest paddle selection in the world


BRACA-SPORT® Paddles – a world’s leading composite sport equipment manufacturer and the only company to engineer and produce carbon fabrics and mechanical energy paddles.