Braca Canoe Gere


  • Brača Canoe Gere Standard

Brača Canoe Gere Standard - designed from production techniques derived from many decades of experience delivering functionality to satisfy the requirements of the majority of athletes.

Brača Canoe Gere Hard - designed for the strong (90 kg / 198 lb plus) athlete, with added stiffness and slightly heavier.

  • Brača Canoe Gere Neptun

Brača Canoe Gere Neptun - a unique design with the highest possible performance. Lacquered and highly polished blade surface, pronounced shaping and the use of top quality materials give this blade superb finish and its outstanding properties.

You can also choose the stiffness of the shaft. We recommend a stiffer shaft for bigger blades but any combination is possible. See the shaft stiffness measurement prodecure and parameter table below.

Adjustable Shaft System

    Brača Adjustable Shaft System for Canoe

Shaft Stiffnes Measurement Process

Shaft Stiffness Measurement

All Brača Canoe Gere paddles are available with an Adjustable Shaft System. This allows elegant adjustment of overall paddle length (within 5cm range) and blade angle from 0° to 80° right or left in 5° increments. The system also allows you to disassemble the paddle into two parts for easy transportation. IMPORTANT!
Always clean your adjustable shaft regularly!
Store your adjustable paddle disassembled if
not used for more than two weeks!
See the maintenance page for details.

Available Options and Technical Parameters:

   Blade Neck Shaft Total
   Surface area
Full Adj.
Brača Canoe
Gere Standard
54-56 20-22 1.8-1.9 100 800/28.2
Brača Canoe
Gere Hard
54-57 22-23 1.8-1.9 100 820/28.9
Brača Canoe
Gere Neptun
54-56 20.5-22 1.8-1.9 100 780/27.5

* Recommended stiffness. We recommend stiffer shafts for bigger blades but any combination is possible.