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Brača IV Surf Ski blades have a special reinforcement in the most stressed areas, which makes them suitable for paddling in the surf zone. When paddling on big waves, these blades have to withstand reverse forces when stabilizing or paddling backwards.

Surf Ski paddling requires a softer but more durable shaft, which has to be light at the same time. We developed the 19K shaft especially for this purpose, which is available in two stiffnesses (medium and soft). We recommend a stiffer shaft for bigger blades but any combination is possible. See the shaft stiffness measurement procedure and parameter table below.

Adjustable Shaft System
Shaft Stiffness Measurement Process
Shaft Stiffness Measurement

All Brača IV Surf Ski paddles are available with a fixed shaft or a Plastic I. Adjustable Shaft System. This allows elegant adjustment of overall paddle length (within 5cm range) and blade angle from 0° to 80° right or left. The system also allows you to disassemble the paddle into two parts for easy transportation.

Always clean your adjustable shaft regularly!
When used in saltwater conditions, clean with freshwater after each use, otherwise disassemble and clean every three days. Store your adjustable paddle disassembled if not used for more than two weeks!
See the maintenance page for details.

Available Options and Technical Parameters:

   BladeShaftCarbon contentTotal
Surface area
Brača IV 765
Surf Ski
(old size: max)
765/118.6 50.0 16.8 3.2-3.5



100 100 650/22.9
Brača IV 735
Surf Ski
(old size: min)
735/113.9 49.5 16.3 100 100 640/22.6
NEWBrača IV 720
Surf Ski
720/111.6 49.3 16.0 100 100 630/22.2
Brača IV 705
Surf Ski
(old size: s-min)
705/109.3 49.0 15.8 100 100 620/21.9
Brača IV 670
Surf Ski
670/103.8 47.5 15.2 100 100 600/21.2
Brača IV 635
Surf Ski
(old size: xs-min)
635/98.4 45.3 15.1 100 100 600/21.2

* Recommended stiffness. We recommend stiffer shafts for bigger blades but any combination is possible.

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