Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much warranty does Braca-Sport give on the paddles?
    We provide 1 year warranty from the date of purchase for all our paddles (except polo and slalom products). The warranty covers all manufacturing defects which may arise during proper usage only. The carbon shafts are very light and strong, but not impact resistant. Please be very careful during transportation and handling. We strongly recommend you use a paddle cover.

  • Where can I buy Braca-Sport paddles and accessories?
    All Barca-Sport products are available through our distributor network. You can find your distributor here.

  • Can I test Braca-Sport paddles before buying?
    We provide service at all major events, where we can also provide test paddles.
    Some of our distributors also have paddles for testing.
    Most athletes use adjustable paddles, so you could also ask to test one of your fellow paddlers'. 😀

  • How should I take care of and clean my paddle?
    Always keed your paddle clean and dry when not in use.
    Similarly to plastics, carbon composite materials do not tolerate direct UV light (sunlight) for prolonged periods of time, so we highly recommend not leaving your paddle out in the sun afer training.

    Always clean your adjustable shaft regularly!
    When used in saltwater conditions, clean with freshwater after each use, otherwise disassemble and clean every three days.
    Store your adjustable paddle disassembled if not used for more than two weeks!

  • How can I assemble my new paddle?
    Please have a look at our paddle assembly videos on the maintenance page, or ask your local dealer to help you.

  • Is it possible to adjust or take apart the paddle after glueing?
    Yes, if the paddle was assembled using the factory provided Braca hot-melt glue, it can be gently reheated and adjusted or taken apart. This requires special tools and skills, so we recommend asking your dealer or a person who has experience in assembling paddles. IMPORTANT: If the blade or shaft is overheated, the structure of the epoxy resin will get destroyed, which instantly voids the warranty!

  • Where can I meet the Braca-Sport team?
    Braca-Sport provides service at all major competitions throughout the season. You can stop by if you need any technical assisatnce or adjustment. You are also welcome for a chat with friends and fellow athletes over a cup of Braca coffee.
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